Experiencing Central and Southern Mongolia


  • Takhi, the wild Horse, ancestor of domestic horse  
  • The coldest and most unique desert on earth
  • Home of dinosaurs
  • Explore untouched beautiful natural landscape of Mongolia
  • taste organic dairy products
  • explore authentic nomadic culture
  • horse and camel-riding
  • the biggest statue of Great Chinggis Khaan



DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 pax (minimum) - 18 pax (maximum)

SEASON: May to October




You will experience all of Gobi desert, one of the most secretive and least-populated places that is also the coldest desert on earth. It is also called Cemetery of Dinosaurs. You will have chance to see basically all spots on your way such as one of the rarest animals on earth, Siberian woods and valley, some of the greatest historical sites, and natural rock formations. There will be dedicated vehicle and tour guide to help you experience Mongolia’s real nomadic family life, horse and camel-riding, taste Mongolian yoghurts and horse milk, touch dinosaur fossil by yourself nearly like picking stone on the ground and see probably the brightest star in your life in Mongolia’s pure sky, not to mention the endless number of beautiful photo shooting of your lifetime.

Ulaanbaatar city tour – Gandan Monastery the main Buddhist center, Chinggis Khaan (the central) Square, National History Museum, and Traditional cultural performance.
Depart early morning to Khustai National Park and visit Khustai Research center and Wild Horse Sanctuary. Its local name is Takhi, and is ancestor of current domestic horse. This only lives in Mongolia. If lucky we will not only see deer, wolf, marmot and other wildlife, but also extremely rare animals like lynx. We will have lunch at Khustai and continue driving to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes. This is a unique sand dune in non-desert area, as if it was brought there by modern equipments. We will visit real nomadic family nearby the dunes to taste organic dairy products, local foods and get to know this unique lifestyle.
In the morning we will have horse-riding activity around Elsen Tasarkhai. Then will depart to Kharkhorin, the capital city of Mongol Empire which once was the greatest city on earth, then became Mongolian Buddhist center in 16th century. We will explore the area and visit Erdene Zuu Monastery in Kharkhorin, museum and other attractions. Stay overnight at a ger camp at river Orkhon valley near Kharkhorin.
Depart to Ongi monastery, the first point in the Gobi Desert. This was one of the biggest monasteries in Mongolia on Ongi River. Dinner and overnight at ger camp near Ongi river.
Visit Ongi monastery in the morning and depart to Bayan Zag, or flaming Cliffs, where Roy Andrew Chapman from New York Museum of Natural History, who Indiana Jones was movie inspired from, came in 1922 for exploration and made some of the greatest discoveries in history about dinosaurs. If lucky you can find dinosaur fossils on the ground in this area.
After breakfast visit to camel breeding family in the gobi desert and taste some dairy products made by camel milk. After lunch we will depart to Khongoryn Els Sand dune in the extreme south of Gobi desert. This is the biggest sand dune in Mongolia. This is also called “singing dunes” due to sound it makes when wind blows sand.
At the dunes of Khongoryn Els, we will visit Khongoryn River, a beautiful oasis with green grass contrasted with gold sand and overlooking blue rocky mountains in distance which when combined, give your breathtaking natural beauty. Spend the afternoon there on your own.
Depart to Yolyn Am Valley (valley of Lammergeyers, or Valley of Vultures) in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park (Mt.Gobi Three Beauty Mountain). Yolyn Am is known for its rocky cliffs and narrow, heavily shaded canyons that blocks sun to preserve blue-veined ice to survive up to summer. In the afternoon heat of the gobi desert, we will be at the cool breeze of Yolyn Am. Check in and overnight at the tourist camp nearby Yolyn Am.
Depart northwards to explore scarp of Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa). This is beautiful cliff that may look like ancient city ruin. It has different colors which represents different era that it was formed. Wind created the amazing structure. Number of caves and rock drawings of Bronze Age (the biggest in central Asia) can be found here. After White Stupa, we will go to Baga Gazriin Chuluu, granite stone massif in Mongolian Granite rock zone. Argali (mountain sheep), ibex, marmot inhabit in the area. Overnight in a ger camp.
Explore Mt. Baga Gazriin Chuluu area and drive back to Ulaanbaatar after lunch and arrive Ulaanbaatar by dinner time.
Breakfast. Drive to Tsonjin Boldog, the biggest statue of Chinggis Khaan, with museum and observatory inside. Next we’ll drive to beautiful Terelj National Park, one of the most visited national parks and explore the area by horse riding and hiking. It is the time to feel peaceful nomadic lifestyle and touching the wild nature again. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, farewell dinner and check in to hotel
Day 11 or 12. International Departure.


  • Professional guide service at all times
  • All Hotels in Ulaanbaatar based on twin/double occupancy and comfortable ger camps outside of city
  • Air conditioned tour bus/coach and fuel in Ulaanbaatar
  • Japanese minivan or 4x4 vehicle in country side and fuel
  • Experienced driver
  • All mentioned meals in the itinerary
  • Museums and cultural performance tickets
  • All sightseeing and National park’s entrance fees
  • Horse and camel riding
  • Nomad family visit
  • 2 bottles of complimentary water and some snacks


  • International flights and trains
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Hotel early check in and check out charges
  • Few unmentioned meals
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Camera fees
  • snacks
  • soft and alcoholic drinks
  • some additional activity fees